on Apr 10, 2019 .

Yes you guessed it, Bitcoin just surpassed 5400 USD at the time of writing..

on Apr 08, 2019 .

Still climbing.. At time the of writing Bitcoin surged passed 5200 USD..

on Apr 03, 2019 .

At the time of writing Bitcoin is over 5150 USD. Another break out ahead?

on Mar 18, 2019 .

Feeling bullish? Bitcoin breaks $4000. Buy today and HODL.

on Mar 10, 2019 .

Our official BuyBits.io Twitter account is: @BuyBits_io

on Mar 04, 2019 .

WEBSITE UPDATE: We have now added Euros (EUR) and Great Britsih Pounds (GBP) to the homepage.. We hope this helps.

Please note, we bill in EUROS so small exchange rates may apply if you live outside Europe or send us anything but EUROS. Email us for more information.

on Feb 24, 2019 .

Live support NOW on Telegram: @CryptoTelegramSupport

on Feb 21, 2019 .

BIG NEWS: Now accepting Visa & MasterCard at BuyBits.

Buy Bitcoin now using your Credit or Debit card now.. Security Check required. LOW FEES.