What are my payment options?
We can currently accept VisaMasterCard & soon AMEX  for all orders up to a value of €1000. Credit and Debit cards only, NO PRE PAID CARDS. Orders over €1000 must be paid via Bank Transfer, however Bank Transfers start from 50€. Bank transfer pre-order payments are processed then added as store credit to your account (plus fees). You then need to re-order. Your account credit will then be automatically deducted from your next/new order (minus fees).. Our base currancy is EUROS.

Where does the Bitcoin go once I have bought it?
We request a Bitcoin address from you when you ordrer and we send it accordingly. We do not keep your Bitcoin, we send it to your choice of wallet/address.

What shows on my bill/statement when I pay by card?
Something discreet and anonymous that changes several times per year. The current wording for the billing discriptior can be emailed to you before or after an order if you so wish.. Just contact us via our site.

All card payments carry a fee of between 15 & 20% per order depending on location. Bank transfers carry a fee of between 5 & 10%

Why has my card payment failed?
Could be several reasons such as incorrect card details, insufficient funds etc. Or your bank may have blocked the payment. We do not fail orders the bank does. Please contact us or your card provider for more details if needed. A simple call to the bank can 99% of the time resolve the payment issue.

I just had a call from my bank to confirm my payment, why?
Some banks will call (or need a call) just to confirm its you making the transaction. Nothing to worry about, just sign of a good safe bank.

Security Checks?
Due to AML/KYC regulation and scammers, only new customers will be asked to complete a security check.  Please note, this will not effect return customers. 

For approval we will require a copy of photo ID, plus a clear picture of the card you used to make payment (Front ONLY). If you wish you may cover any part of your card details but we must be able to see your name and the last 4 numbers of the long card number. As soon as the information is received your order will proceed.  Thanks you for your co-operation and understanding. You may provide as 1 file or 2.

Can you explain the status of my order?
- Pending Payment: Your order has been recieved and we are processing or waiting on your payment.
- Security Check: We need ID, Selfie with ID & copy of payment card.

- Security Passed - Processing: Self explanatory.
- Failed Security Check: Self explanatory. We will say why.
- Payment Recieved: Your payment has been recieved, no need to reorder or contact us.
- Payment Failed: Self explanatory. We will try to detail why.
- Bitcoin Sent: Your order is complete and Bitcoin sent to the wallet of your choice, and we will send you proof via the blockchain ID.
- Failed: Your order has been failed, no fee.
- Refund: Your order has been refunded minus a 10USD or 10% of transaction fee whichever is greater.

How long should my order take to process and my Bitcoin take to arrive?
Sending Bitcoin can take anything from 10 minutes to over an hour. We aim to process all orders within an hour, however some orders may take a maximum of 24 hours. Security checks can take from 1 hour to 2 or 3 days.

I am a regular customer can i have a discount?
No, we will decide when we offer discounts and normally you will be notified by email or our blog so be sure to make a account to take advantage of all discounts and offers.