How does it work?
Step 1 - You order & pay us for your Bitcoin order, plus a small fee. Minimum order value is 50€.
Step 2 - We credit your account so you can re order finally. Same small fee as step 1 applies.

Why 2 steps? Bank transfers are slow & Biccoin goes up and down too much . This 2 step process is good for both you the customer and us as a business.

What are my payment options?
We currently only accept payment by Bank Transfer. When paying by Bank Transfers we will email you when your money has credited our account (3-5 business days).

What do I add as a payment reference?
IMPORTANT: Add your order number as your payment reference/narrative. Not doing so, or adding anything else my result in delays and n some cases loses.

Depending on your Geo location and order value we charge between 5 & 10% for all inbound Bank Transfers (pre orders) and another 5 to 10% when you come to finally order your Bitcoin (20% TOTAL). 

Where does the Bitcoin go once I have bought it?
We request a Bitcoin address from you when you place your ordrer and we send it accordingly. We do not keep your Bitcoin, we send it to your choice of wallet/address. Take care when sending us your Bitcoin wallet address. We cannot reverse anything once we send it. You will get a 2nd chance to send us your Bitcoin address when you come to place your 2nd order. Or you can keep both the same.

Can you explain the status of my order?
- Pending Payment: Your order has been recieved and we are processing your order. Keep an eye on your email (spam too).
- Pending Bank Transfer: We have sent you our bank details and are waiting on your payment (several days).
- Payment Recieved: Your payment has been recieved, no need to reorder or contact us.
- Bitcoin Sent: Your order is complete and Bitcoin sent to the wallet of your choice, and we will send you proof via the blockchain ID.
- Failed: Simple. Your order has been failed.
- Refund: Your order has been refunded minus a 10USD or 10% of transaction fee whichever is greater.

How long should my order take to process and my Bitcoin take to arrive?
Sending Bitcoin can take anything from 10 minutes to over an hour. We aim to process all orders within an hour, however some orders may take a maximum of 24 hours. However Bank Transfers typically take 2-4 business days.